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Let's sort this out. 

Let's say a complex or emotionally-charged, family-related issue rolls into your life. You find yourself calling our offices, wondering how to make sense of what's going on.

Whether you feel on top of things or under a huge weight, there are a few things we know for sure: We've seen this before.

There is a way forward, and it's going to be okay. 


To provide thoughtful & savvy counsel

 People seek us out because we're experts in what we do—but also because we practice with diligence and creativity. No matter the situation, we represent our clients and families with fairness and integrity at all times.

To hold space that's both real & respectful

We are professional and community advocates for all people. We represent 2SLGBTQIA+ clients, polyamorous families, immigrants and refugees, women affected by domestic violence, people experiencing homelessness, and others. You're safe here.

To help you move forward & move on

We live for those moments when our clients feel true resolution—true freedom. We help you to make informed decisions and take the right steps towards better outcomes.


If you're starting, ending or restructuring a family, we know how important this is to you 
(and how critical it is that it's done well.)


Words have meaning, and names have power. 

Saltwater City (鹹水埠) is the historic name given to Vancouver by early Chinese immigrants. Calling ourselves Saltwater Law is a nod to the heritage of our founding partners, and a way to acknowledge the ocean's important role in our professional and personal lives.


Like the law, the sea energizes and grounds us. Both are vast. There's tremendous power in both that, if harnessed properly, can work to our advantage.


That's why our three offices - Vancouver, Sechelt and Prince Rupert - are found at the water's edge. 

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